Our Final Sale

How to Order:
  1. Check out the available items for sale on our Website
  2. Fill out the Order Form
  3. Wait for our email – Southside will confirm availability, or notify the item(s) have been sold out.
  4. Within 4 days from the confirmation email, come to the studio to pay.  Our address is 3107 E. 42nd Street Minneapolis, MN 55406
  5. You can pick up your purchased item on Friday August 30th and/or Saturday August 31st.
  6. Enjoy!
A few important notes:
  • If the item(s) is/are not paid within 4 days your deal is canceled and the items will be put back in the available item pool.
  • Yeah… about the payment. You can only come to the studio during our class hours. Check out the class schedule Here.
  • We accept CASH, CHECKs and Credit Card


Item Description Unit Price Available Qty
8kg Kettlelbells $19.00 3
10kg Kettlebells $21.00 SOLD OUT
12kg Kettlebells $39.00 4
14kg Kettlebells $48.00 SOLD OUT
16kg Kettlebells $74.00 7
18kg Kettlebells $76.00 1
20kg Kettlebells $92.00 3
22kg Kettlebells $102.00 SOLD OUT
24kg Kettlebells $111.00 1
28kg Kettlebells $129.00 SOLD OUT
32kg Kettlebells $148.39 SOLD OUT
36kg Kettlebells $166.59 SOLD OUT
40kg Kettlebells $184.79 1
Beast (48kg) $244.00 2


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