Joe’s Bio

I suffered from severe discomfort 325 or more days out of the year for 10 years. My low back was making it clear that 17 years of landscaping was catching up to me.

Married and expecting our first child I knew something had to change. My friend Kari, a masseuse, suggested kettlebells. Not knowing what that was, I wasn’t sure about doing it, but decided to try something new.

8 1/2 years later my back feels good 325 plus days a year, my strength has greatly increased as have my cardio and flexibility (which were already pretty good), thanks to kettlebells.

After my first kettlebell class, a wise man (also a student) told me to give kettlebells a month to find out whether I liked it or not – I did like it. So much that I decided to pursue the RKC certification so I could instruct others in the way of the kettlebell.

I grew up in Minneapolis in a neighborhood that had a lot of kids in it. So we played all sorts of sports – baseball, basketball, football, and soccer to name a few. I loved
climbing trees, the cliffs at Taylors Falls, Wis. I tell you this because I think that is how I got my basic fitness and athleticism. Most athletic things I try come fairly easily for me.

But to be really good at something it takes a lot of conscious practice – meaning pay attention to what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. What are you feeling when you
do this or that, take note. When instructing people with kettlebells, those are things I try to get them to think of. It’s not so much how much you do but how well it’s executed.

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