I’m baaaaaaackkkk…..(again)

For those of you who were checking here occasionally, great news! Wait no more! I’m back!

I was negligent not because I was out of things to say. I have thoughts and opinions and I’ve got LOTS! The problem is that I can’t seem to put them into words. I am not a writer who can create thoughts by combining words, and my most brilliant thoughts come at a place where it is most difficult for me to rush to my writing equipments. No, not there. In my shower. (NOTE to Tablet PC industry people – if you can make shower water resistance tablets, I am so there!)

Anyway, obviously I’m not in my shower right now (thanks god, you say) and my most profound thoughts are gone once again. Oh preface, preface, preface. Basically I wanted to tell you that this isn’t one of my rants.

Phew, now that it’s out and open, let’s get to business –  This post is to record the workout routine from this week. Plain and simple.

[warm up] 50sec on/10sec  off


Jumping squats

High swings


Low swings

lunges (leaping optional)

Token stretch-


7/7 snatches, goblet squat&curls: 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, (did we go up to 25?)

7/7 snatches, 1clean&squats: 21, 19, 17, 15, 13

[bit of fun]

10 double bell military presses from a sitting position legs straight, feet and toes are pressed together)

15 see-saw presses from a sitting position

20 ground attacks


Slow sidekick stretch/oblique crunch

Static push up hold 2 mins

[big finale]

Bear crawls on heavy bells (some call it “renegade walks”) across the studio

Bear crawls on heavy bells backwards

I think this was it?

I would like to know your feedback on the routines I create. Com’on! Did ya really think I was going to give you anything without ME getting anything in return??

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