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Class cancelled – Thursday, February 26th

From time to time, we have to bow down to Mother Nature. Sadly, today is the day. Tonight’s class is relocated at your drive way and/or in front of your garage. Instead of regular class, we are all going to individually working on our arms, core and glutes by shoveling. In other words the 6pm class […]

Joe trying to BLOG

Well it looks like I made it in!  Linda and I are teaching tonight. I have an idea about doing traveling manmakers by adding a little love from the whole spectrum. Thoughts? How ’bout after the love has been issued and is over with? Hint: We will have to learn how to breath under stress, […]

Wow~~~ (you never know until you try it)

I had a rare opprtunity to be the lead instructor to the Hard Core Wednesday class at 5pm, and the following 6PM workout. For those of you who came to either of the class, BIG FAT THANK YOU! It was so much fun! Pat yourselves on the shoulders, you crazy kettlebell lovers! We all did […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Southside Kettlebells. New year, new website… what more a kettlebeller can ask for? You can certainly ask for January workout schedule. T-shirts are still available to purchase. Get one while supplies last. They are really cool – cooler if you wear it. Thanks and kudos to who came on New Year’s 2009 kick-off workout. It […]