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FRESHLY SQUEEZED -Tuesday, December 15th

When I teach on Thursdays, I often hear “I’m still sore from the Tuesday’s (or Wednesday’s, or Monday’s) class!” I have developed the skill not to be affected by such comments, but I want you to know that my heart goes out for you. I wish I could make it easier. But I can’t. You […]

Saturday, December 5th AM

Ahhhh…. the weekend! I’m always amazed how people can be awake and ready to work out by 8AM on Saturday mornings. Good for you. Really. In today’s workout, I focused on exercises that require good posture: Particularly keeping your upper body straight in order to maximize the efforts your lower body. … Also focusing on […]

December 3rd & 4th – Yoga + KB = Sweat

I’m a firm believer that true human strength comes from a perfect balance of muscle (or physical) strength, flexibility and mental strength. Although I’m an armature, I practice Yoga at home.  It’s amazing how energizing and challenging Yoga can be. In this week’s class, it was a blend of Yoga moves and traditional kettlebell training. What […]

Saturday, November 14th 8:00 AM

      Oh the Saturday morning class! Early morning workouts certainly get you the jolt to kick off another wonderful weekend! …Right?   The routine was similar to Friday’s but it was all new to you (who were there). But it’s OK. It was still a good workout.   Warm-up Cardio  A whole bunch of […]

Friday the 13th Workout

It seems I got my groove back on creativity! This week’s workout routine was awesome. For those of you who experienced the “Friday the 13th” and/or ‘Aftermath – Saturday the 14th” give me a shout what you thought of it. Remember, Friday classes are 45 minute boot-camps. Doesn’t mean it’s easier; all the fun and […]

Random quote of the day

“People often say motivation doesn’t last, well that may be true, but neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it every day.” This quote made me laugh, but this is also very true. Motivation doesn’t last. It comes and goes. It’s like a sucker punch or a surprise present – you never know which direction is comes or when it […]

Happy? YES Definitely

I was off from working out due to business trip last week. OK – I could have done something  – ANYTHING to keep me moving. But when you are staying at a smoke-filled hotel room (I think I was lodged in a former smoking room) with a bar only a few feet away, it is […]