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Bad, Good & Ugly Feb 11, 12 2010

No. It wasn’t Clint Eastwood’s birthday. No. I didn’t have Western Movie marathon. Occasionally, I think of a workout routine first then name it with something suited. But first a little warm up. [Warm up circuit] Jump rope Jumping jack Push up position, jump side to side Touch ‘n go (dead lifts) Russian twist with […]

New Sunday Classes – KICK BOXING

Lynda Angelis, the 4th degree black belt Marshall Artist, offers Kick boxing classes starting Sunday Feb. 7th 10am – 11am. The class is open to any Southside Kettlebells clients: the class will count towards your attendance. If you love Lynda’s hard core kettlebell workouts, you will LOVE her kick boxing classes, too!

I have a dream, YOU have a dream, WE all scream for dreams – Monday, January 18th, 2010

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, the nation observed its first national holiday. People marched, thought of Dr. Martin Luther King’s achievements, and watched CNN talking about people marching and thinking of Dr. Martin Luther King’s achievements. We observed this day the Southside Kettlebell way. The themed work-out titled I HAVE A […]

What being a speed junkie taught us… January 14, 15

I wanted something different this week. No particular reasons… just change up the stuff a bit. (Oh-oh, that’s dangerous, Hiromi. You get C-R-A-Z-Y with the routines when you think!!!) Yeah… Maybe. But let me tell you, the best thing to beat the winter blues is to have fun, feel good and enjoy the moment. Obstacle […]

December 31, 2009 – A Perfect Ending to a Perfect Year

We did it. The very last class of 2009. I wanted to do something memorable, awesome and interesting to suit the end of this awesome year. If you’ve been to my classes, ‘memorable’ usually means themed routine. Remember Halloween Special? Remember Friday the 13th? (if not, you can read all about them in this blog.) I […]