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High Rep Thursday – Progression Schedule

Hi everyone, The High Rep class begins on April 10th at 7 pm (tomorrow!!!!) It’s a 8-week course and may never be repeated. So take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Here is how it goes: Week 1, April 10 – 800 swings Week 2, April 17 – 400 snatches + 800 swings Week 3, April […]

I’m baaaaaaackkkk…..(again)

For those of you who were checking here occasionally, great news! Wait no more! I’m back! I was negligent not because I was out of things to say. I have thoughts and opinions and I’ve got LOTS! The problem is that I can’t seem to put them into words. I am not a writer who can […]

30 Day Challenge

How I got to offer the 30 Day Challenge. Let me start with the story of ‘3-day monks’. Have you ever started a new thing – whether to exercise every day, eat healthy, quit smoking, quit drinking, quiet drunk texting…. And quit after only a few days? In Japan we have a phase “3-day monk” […]

Great 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! This is going to be a great year for all of us. We have new short and long sleeve t-shirts and exclusive Southside Kettlebells hoodies!


This is a great time to pick up /remind yourself of your New Year’s resolution. Especially before you try the new chocolate dipped bacon at the State Fair. Check out the August schedule here

Happy Birthday Southside Kettlebells!

Two years ago on July 11th, we opened the door at Southside Kettlebells. We didn’t know who will come, if they will come. It was a bit like building our own version of Field of Dreams. If you build it, they will come. So they came. Actually on our first day, so she came.  She […]


It was so much fun & I learned so much about it. I’ll organize my thoughts a little later tonight and post it here. But right now, I just want the world to know that I LOVE Kettlebells! I’m so inspired right now I am high from my inspirations.