30 Day Challenge

How I got to offer the 30 Day Challenge.

Let me start with the story of ‘3-day monks’.

Have you ever started a new thing – whether to exercise every day, eat healthy, quit smoking, quit drinking, quiet drunk texting…. And quit after only a few days? In Japan we have a phase “3-day monk” to describe the behavior. To be really cool, here is how it looks in Japanese character:


The story came from Edo Period (the time of Shogun). When the time is tough, people ran to temples in attempt to start a new life as monks. However the motivation to enter priesthood wasn’t purely religious reasons for those who are escaping from the hard life. Many of them cannot endure the hardship of monk training, ended up leaving the temples only to find themselves exactly where they started – in the midst of troubles.

I know. It’s hard to start a new habit and try to stick to it. I’ve been there many, many times. The “the 3-day monk” story teaches us about keeping up with it, or to commit.  It does not matter how complex the activity is, or how noble your cause may be. It doesn’t matter if you decide to work out for 2 hours every day before heading out to the food shelter if you don’t do it. It means a lot if you decide to drink at least 10 ounce of pure water every day and ACTUALLY DRINK it.

I have been wanting to take up a new thing to call it ‘my thing’. OK. I have a few things I call “my things” – eating potato chips (kettle chips), extra crispy fried, never say no to drinks, etc. But I want something positive, something I can be proud of. I’ve tried to do YOGA in the morning, Cardio workout videos, jump ropes… the list goes on and on. I don’t think I have ever done any of them more than 3 days. Yeah. 3-day monk indeed. The only habit I picked up and so far continue to do is to walk my dog in the morning. To be honest, it’s not that I’m used to it and walking became a part of my life, but it’s because my 50+ pound dog whines like an abused little pooch every morning.

Wait a minute.  That’s just it.

Someone to hold you accountable. By someone else knowing about your attempt and doing it with you perhaps, it is a lot easier to stick to it. Your ego will kick in before you say “I quit” or you conveniently forget that you are doing this. If your pal is doing this with you, you don’t want to be the (potentially the only) quitter, do you? DO YOU?

Thus, I’m inviting you to 30 Day Challenge. I’m doing it. Hope you join me, too. Here are the (very basic) rules:

Choose one of the following activities, do it for 30 consecutive days. Starting date (Day1) can be anywhere between April 18 and April 30th.

Option 1:  100 swings. You have to your own bell to do this. Size doesn’t matter.
Option 2:  50 burpees – no equipment necessary (yelling “whoop!” is optional)
Option 3:  100 mountain climbers (50 each side). Knees has to touch the elbows to count as one.

You can’t switch the activity after you started. If you started with Swings, you stick with swings. It’s all about committing yourself to it.

After the Finish Date (Day 30), you get big bragging rights and a hug from me. It’s a self-reporting system because I trust you J

What do you think? Are you up for the challenge? Declare that you accept the challenge at the Southside Studio.

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